Discover how we are moving towards sustainability by increasingly utilizing Hevea and focusing on eco-friendly products. 

Hevea Sawn Timber

From rough sawn to Surfaced 4 Sides (S4S), we produce a wide range of sizes to be used in producing:

  • Fingerjoint and lumber-core board

  • Furniture

  • Stair newel/spindles

Custom sizes available. Export available.



Finger-joint Board

Available in standard sizes of 8ft x 4ft.


Thickness: 14mm to 50mm,

From blemish-free grade used in furnishing and counter-top to affordable non-aesthetic structural use, we have a range of grades to cater to different needs.

Available for Export.

 100%Wood       Pellets

Our latest venture into sustainability. This is our final step into achieving ZERO waste throughout our manufacturing.

Ply and Board

  • Redwood veneered

  • Pine veneered

  • Melamine-faced ply and lumber-core board

  • Film-faced shuttering ply

  • Water repellant coated shuttering ply




Choose from renowned myanmar Teak, sustainable Hevea or exotic rare





All sizes available.

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